Our Lost Pet Posters and Flyers

We've been helping people find their missing pets for many years. One thing we know from experience is that spreading the word in the neighbourhood where your pet has gone missing is one of the most effective things you can do to find your missing pet.

In addition to using social media (such as local Facebook groups), putting up posters and pushing flyers through your neighbours' letterboxes is a really important part of the process.

Sometimes it's hard to know what details to include on the poster - and it can be even harder if you're in a panic. The good news is, we can take care of it all for you.

We create your posters and flyers for you

You should be out hitting the streets, not worrying about what font size to use and where to position the photo. So, we've created a system that will generate your poster and flyers automatically from the information you give us when you create your missing pet report.

Your A4 sized lost pet poster will include the following details:

  • A photo of your pet (if you upload one)
  • Your pets species, breed, sex and colour
  • Collar colour (if relevant) and if it's microchipped
  • When your pet was last seen
  • The location your pet was last seen
  • Your contact details
  • A short URL linking to your pet's report here on PetsReunited.com
  • Our report reference number
  • A QR code that can be scanned on a mobile phone that links to you pet's report
  • Links to our Facebook and Twitter pages if people want to contact us that way

The flyer is extactly the same as the poster, but its reduced down in size and two copies are placed side by side on one A4 page, ready for you to slice down the middle.

We take care of the entire process for you and send you and email with your poster and flyer attached as PDF files. All you have to do is print them out on your own printer, cut the flyers in half and then get out on the street and start distributing them.

How to get your missing pet posters and flyers

When you report your pet missing on our website, you'll be asked to choose one of three listing types - FREE, Instant & Instant Plus. If you want to get just the poster, select our Instant listing. If you want both the poster and the flyer then select the Instant Plus listing.

You can read more about the difference between our three listing types on our pricing page.

What people say about our Instant and Instant Plus listings

I think you guys do a fantastic job and Im so grateful for everything you did. All the awareness you raised and the people that reached out as a result was phenomenal.
Roy, Stoke Newington
Owner of Bella the cat
You were fantastic, totally reassured me and helped me create posters in a time of stress and panic- thank you
Frederika , Worthing
If it wasn't for this website I would never have found my beloved cat. She's about 11 years old and she just got lost one day. I am so grateful for your help. Well done to you Pets Reunited, and thank you for all you have done for us.
linda, St-Ives
Owner of meow the cat
Happy with the service you provided - especially the poster.
Ali, Hounslow
Owner of Milly the cat
Fabulous service. The immediate posters prompted numerous calls and sightings. Thank you so much.
Nicola, Crowborough
PetsReunited.com we're extremely helpful and fast as soon as we contacted them. Thank you for the posters and flyers and all your help.
Luke, Kidlington
Owner of Monty the cat
Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I was traced through one of the posters that you designed for me, now I have my beautiful Rio back home. He has not stopped purring yet!
Jennie, Witney
Owner of Rio the cat
You were brilliant....so grateful to you all. It's just so reassuring to feel that when you are 'roaming the local churchyard' on your own at 2am' that someone else cares. You definitely through your advice raised the profile that he was missing, and there was such an uptake, total strangers in the village were saying oh yes I know he's missing and ringing up t report sightings. Cannot thank you enough for your help support time and kindness. Thank you.x
Liz, Bicester
Thank you for the prompt report and the poster. Everything on yourwebsite was very quick and easy to use.
Jim, Chipping Norton
Owner of Alfie the cat
Without you, I'm not sure the poster would have been quite as succinct as it needed to be. Thank you.
Sarah, Bicester
Being able to print the posters and post them quickly to people was very helpful. Thank you.
Susan, Oxford
I am certain that without the post of my cat being missing having been distributed via your alerts he wouldn't be back now...and if anything it give relative peace of mind knowing that locals vets etc are informed! Thank you!
Michael, Oxford
Owner of Jip the cat
It's a really useful service and the poster being emailed to me was really helpful.
Lindsay , Witney
Owner of Eric the cat