What pet owners think about us

We've been helping pet owners find their missing pets for a number of years and it can be very rewarding - especially when people get in touch to say "thanks". Here's a selection of comments and thank-you messages that people have been kind enough to send:

I think you guys do a fantastic job and Im so grateful for everything you did. All the awareness you raised and the people that reached out as a result was phenomenal.
Roy, Stoke Newington
Owner of Bella the cat
You provide an absolutely fantastic service. Within minutes the owner contacted me and they collected the dog. Really easy to use and really effective... thank you
Allyson, Oxford
Finder of unkown the dog
You were fantastic, totally reassured me and helped me create posters in a time of stress and panic- thank you
Frederika , Worthing
Thank you for your speedy response! The flyers and posters were very useful. Keep up the good work!
Maha , Hornsey
Owner of Mushi the cat
If it wasn't for this website I would never have found my beloved cat. She's about 11 years old and she just got lost one day. I am so grateful for your help. Well done to you Pets Reunited, and thank you for all you have done for us.
linda, St-Ives
Owner of meow the cat
An excellent service with people that care and who go the extra mile to help owners locate their lost loved pets.
Terry, Bracknell
If it wasn't for this site he wouldn't have been spotted.
Charlotte , Bicester
Owner of Berty the cat
Happy with the service you provided - especially the poster.
Ali, Hounslow
Owner of Milly the cat
All the information is very useful and a great help thank you.
Susan, Banbury
Owner of Moshi the cat
Brilliant service, the email updates and post helped reach out to a wider community that I couldn't have achieved on my own.
Harriet, Banbury
Owner of Daisy the cat
Thank you - the vets contacted us by seeing ad on your site... great job!
Kevin, Oxford
Owner of Rio the cat
Fabulous service. The immediate posters prompted numerous calls and sightings. Thank you so much.
Nicola, Crowborough
PetsReunited.com we're extremely helpful and fast as soon as we contacted them. Thank you for the posters and flyers and all your help.
Luke, Kidlington
Owner of Monty the cat
Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I was traced through one of the posters that you designed for me, now I have my beautiful Rio back home. He has not stopped purring yet!
Jennie, Witney
Owner of Rio the cat
Thanks for the help!!!
Sharat, Oxford
Finder of the cat
Excellent web site - hopefully I won't have to use again - I will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.
Jayne, Witney
The website is very well planned out and for such a good cause. So impressed that people care.
Jade , Bicester
Owner of Benji the cat
You were brilliant....so grateful to you all. It's just so reassuring to feel that when you are 'roaming the local churchyard' on your own at 2am' that someone else cares. You definitely through your advice raised the profile that he was missing, and there was such an uptake, total strangers in the village were saying oh yes I know he's missing and ringing up t report sightings. Cannot thank you enough for your help support time and kindness. Thank you.x
Liz, Bicester
Thank you for the prompt report and the poster. Everything on yourwebsite was very quick and easy to use.
Jim, Chipping Norton
Owner of Alfie the cat
Just want to say thankyou for your quick action in getting Indys details out there. Sadly for us the outcome was not good but what you do is fantastic. So once again thank you so much.
Sandra, Bicester
Owner of Indy the cat
Without you, I'm not sure the poster would have been quite as succinct as it needed to be. Thank you.
Sarah, Bicester
Being able to print the posters and post them quickly to people was very helpful. Thank you.
Susan, Oxford
Social media outlets like this are invaluable when trying to find your missing pets!!
James, Carterton
Owner of Simba the cat
I am certain that without the post of my cat being missing having been distributed via your alerts he wouldn't be back now...and if anything it give relative peace of mind knowing that locals vets etc are informed! Thank you!
Michael, Oxford
Owner of Jip the cat
Very reassuring you do this service - prompt and efficient.
Paul, Oxford
Owner of Misty the cat
It's a really useful service and the poster being emailed to me was really helpful.
Lindsay , Witney
Owner of Eric the cat
Your service is invaluable to me. Just knowing others are keeping an eye out is a help. Thank you.
Sarah, Oxford
Thank you so much for your care and concern in what has been a difficult day! I felt secure in the knowledge that somebody has taken the trouble to care so much by setting up this website. Thank you so much, you really made a difference!
Gill, Wantage
PetsReunited is great - just knowing that there is somewhere I can post when pets go missing is helpful, even if just psychologically!
Sarah, Oxford
Your system worked about as well as possible in this case! I hadn't known about the site, but quickly put a report online, owner saw it very soon after it was approved.
Tony, Abingdon
Finder of Unknown the cat
I think it's a wonderful set up and it comforted me greatly. I hope I'll be of use in helping find other people's lost pets.
Carole, Oxford
Owner of Bella the cat
Thank you, just being able to get the word out there in these situations helps so much.
Suzy, Didcot
This is a great service which has helped me in the past when I found a stray cat. I would always use the service if any of my other cats go missing because it's local and people do look at it.
Gaynor, Witney
It was comforting to see my lost cat report go onto Facebook so quickly, thank you.
Sue, Abingdon
Owner of Sooty the cat
I would just like thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in finding our cat. It means the world to us and you will be getting a donation shortly. Your the salt of the earth people like you. You should be very proud of yourself. God bless you and take care.
Lee, Oxford
Thank you it made me feel like I was doing a lot more to find the cat by joining you and it gave me some hope of getting him back so thank you for all your help.
Katrina, Oxford
Thank you so much! This site was amazing and really helped me feel that people cared and if he was found I had the best chance of getting him back.
Sophie, Oxford
Your reputation precedes you, lots of people on social media recommended you guys.
Lisa, Bicester
Your service is fantastic - it was a real comfort to know that my report had been posted far and wide. Thank you for your help and support.
Christine , Oxford
Owner of Sybil the cat
Thanks to PetsReunited, without the people getting notifications and keeping their eyes peeled we would not have got him back with us.
Charlotte, Bicester
I have received a few phone calls from people probably seeing her, thank you very much for that. I will be now active member of this portal as I don't want other people to go through the same situation.
Aleksander, Oxford
PetsReunited always gets a response whatever the circumstances and cannot thank you enough!
Julie, Oxford
Owner of Flora the cat
Your poster got Tilly back home safe. Thank you !!!!
Bethany, Witney
Owner of Tilly the cat
I think it's a very useful service and your website is excellent. Will recommend to anyone who loses or finds an animal.
Barbara, Burford
Thank you for the posters and the help, we had people contact us to say he had been seen which was really encouraging
Debbie, Witney
Owner of Tom the cat
I felt like this site helped me in getting my message in the public forum and took some of the burden off of me.
Hugh, Abingdon
I would like to say if it wasn't for you I don't think I would of made it thank you so much to you guys. Without your help Junior wouldn't be home. My support to you guys is 1000 percent I would recommend this website to my family and friends if they lose or their pets get stolen .. Thank you once again guys xxxx
Malvina, Oxford
It was reassuring to know that i had tried everything to get her home.
Tia, Bicester
You helped more than anything. Very good website and worth using and I would recommend this to any one who was in a same situation as us.
Malvina, Oxford
Great service, very grateful that we have something like this in Oxford.
Sally, Oxford
Owner of Benny the cat
PetsReunited is a wonderful "tool" to link animal lovers who care about uniting owners with their lost 4 legged friends.
Joy, Oxford
Owner of Purdy the dog
A wonderful service. We were heartened to see how long some cats can be missing and still turn up OK.
Wendy, Abingdon
Helpful. A lot of neighbours were aware of my cat missing thanks to your website
Barbara, Oxford
Owner of Lily the cat
I think the site is brilliant and brings peace of mind when your cat is missing knowing that there's a community of people on the look out
Derek, Bicester
Owner of Ninja the cat
PetsReunited is fab. They build a poster for you so you can spread the word. Excellent
Debbie, Oxford
Owner of Alfie the cat
Very re-assuring and supportive. Get feeling timing is everything with lost cats so EXCELLENT dynamic pro-active support and guidance - our thanks and appreciation goes out to the team.
Pippa, Didcot
The poster that you provided helped us to 'flood' our village with messages, so we had a lot of people looking for Gus and lots of calls. By using you we felt that we were doing everything possible to get him back; it is difficult to keep up your morale when pets go missing so contacting you helped us a lot in this regard.
Rob, Banbury
Owner of Gus the cat
First time I have had to use the service - and I hope the last (!!!), but very impressed. Shall spread the word as to how effective it was. Thank you.
Megan, Oxford
PetsReunited have been amazing! They got the word out really fast and connected us with people in our area. The poster was brilliant and we used it to put through people's letter boxes. Helped us feel proactive in looking for our little guy. Thank you!
Caroline, Abingdon
Owner of Loki the cat
Thank you so much for being there. When your pet has gone and you feel there is nothing you can do it was a great comfort to feel I was telling a caring pet loving community about our loss.
Mary, Oxford
Owner of Pippa the cat
It really helped give us peace of mind that we were doing something to try and find our cat. You offer a great service. Thank you x
Alex, Banbury
Owner of Rigby the cat
Thank your for producing the poster. We saw it at our local vets.
Clare, Banbury
Owner of Max the cat
Grateful to have this service and very impressed how quickly they put the details on the system especially as it was a Sunday. Thank-you.
Wendy, Abingdon
Owner of Suki the cat
Many thanks to PetsReunited for supporting us in our search and being so calm and practical. Losing a pet is a unique trauma which leaves the owner feeling helpless and frustrated. Any help or advice is gratefully seized upon. You gave us the hope that spreading the search net wider than just our village might help return Mog to his home. In the event he's safely with us and showing no signs of leaving our immediate vicinity. Unfortunately he won't share the details of his two and a half week 'holiday' with us, so will probably never find out where he went!
Dudley, Burford
Owner of Mog the cat
Thank so much. Was relieved to know there was somewhere I could turn in case he decides to worry us again!
Danielle, Witney
Using PetsReunited was a complete comfort and reassurance on the day she went missing. We were distraught and it helped us to remain focussed and positive. Despite the sad outcome.
Mary, Oxford
Owner of Molly the dog
It was great to know there was a network of people helping to look for her. I had a few messages and phone calls with sightings of her. I didn't feel so helpless and useless as I knew that we were all doing everything possible. Thank you so much.
Cathy , Bicester
Thank you for providing the service you have for very worried pet owners.
Dianne, Bicester
Owner of Ernie the cat
Losing a loved pet is very traumatic and there is a sense of emptiness impotence one feels. Your service is both practical and as well as supportive - the feeling that a whole community of people are helping you.
Robin, Witney
Owner of Poppy the cat
Very impressed, good service and a positive outcome.
Terry, Wantage
Finder of the cat
Glad to know you were all looking out for the safe outcome for the little cat. The poster was brilliant and we put loads up locally.
Judith, Abingdon
Finder of the cat
I think PetsReunited is a fantastic resource and the Bicester area is very lucky to have you.
Joanne, Bicester
Owner of Tiggy the cat
PetsReunited is great, you do a great job and the posters are a great idea. And knowing that you had contacted the vets and charities etc was such a comfort!!
Jo, Abingdon
Owner of Yui the cat
PetsReunited is a wonderful service. Feel privileged to have been able to use it.
M, Oxford
Really good service, I love the posters that are generated. Thank you. Morgan continues to go missing now - we suspect he has a 2nd home as it's always for a few days!
Sian, Didcot
I think this service is fantastic, it's great to know you can report a pet is missing and all the local vets and shelters will be notified, as well as people in local area who are registered to the site can keep an eye out! Such a great community of people that love animals, it's provided some much needed peace of mind during a stressful time!
Katharine, Wantage
Owner of Rocko the cat
It was reassuring to be able to do something pro-active by reporting him missing on your website. I felt so powerless, that it was great to be doing something that might help find him in the end. A kind person did leave a message for me, and although it wasn't about the right cat, it was good to know that people actually read the missing report.
Anna, Oxford
Owner of Boy the cat
Having this site helps so much, I have used it before when my female cat Sixx went missing. It gives you hope that you will find your pet even if it's the worst outcome knowing is so important. Thank you so much.
Dawn, Abingdon
This service is invaluable.
Craig, Banbury
You are amazing. Best thing to happen to Oxfordshire!
Debbie, Oxford
I am very impressed with your service and am pleased to now be a part of the Pet Watch scheme.
Ariella, Oxford
The neighbours who found him traced me through this website, so you were crucial to his rescue. It was also very cheering to know that others were looking for him, and concerned for his wellbeing. Thank you!
Judy, Abingdon
It was nice to feel i was not alone and I was trying to do somthing. I did feel quite helpless to start with. And the poster was good. I put it up next in the place that he went missing.. I did get 1 message on the phone of a possible sighting...
Tracey, Witney
Owner of Boris the cat
You helped to re-unite us in the end as the microchip had an error in the phone number recorded but I had added details of PetsReunited to the record so my details were found. It also helped me psychologically, as I never gave up hope that someone would search and recognise his details.
Rebecca, Bicester
Owner of Nonu the cat
Just knowing you were there and willing to help was comforting and if he had not returned on his own there was a chance someone would see him through you.
Justine, Abingdon
Owner of Mj the cat
Nick was a great listener, after hearing me cry for 10 minutes about my cats he then responded quickly to produce my poster.. Thank you so much, i have 2 very happy kids :-) :-)
Mary, Chipping Norton
Owner of Lola the cat
Great website and I always check the other missing animals and keep an eye open.
Theresa, Wantage
We had a positive response from the neighbourhood due to using the site. Thank you.
Nigel, Oxford
Excellent service. a sense of hope. Also reassurance that some good and knowing will come out of a bad situation.
Annie, Kidlington
I found this website very useful and would like to say thank you for the moral support you provide. The posters are excellent too - it really helps to do something practical.
Anna, Bicester
Owner of Totem the cat
I really appreciate how quickly you get the information out which is vital, thanks. The poster service is great too. It ensures you capture all the key information.
Claire, Wantage
Incredibly helpful service and I was surprised that something this organised even existed to aid with the rescue of animals. Will check this if we ever come across wandering animals in the area.
Merlin, Oxford
Owner of Kato the cat
PetsReunited is great and clearly worked well for me and Simba. I'd recommend the website to anyone who has lost a beloved pet.
Claire, Oxford
Owner of Simba the cat
Thank you. Having your cat go missing is just awful so I apprecaited all the help and support you were able to give me. I would like to continue to receive reports of lost animals in the hope that I might be able to help.
Lindsay, Witney
Owner of Lemmy the cat
PetsReunited is excellent for helping to find pets as I look on a regular basis to help find other lost pets nearby.
Louise, Thame
I think it's a great service and only wish our outcome had been a happy one - but it did feel good to be proactive about our search using PetsReunited. Thanks!
Nicola, Wallingford
Owner of Miko the cat
PetsReunited were a light on a very dark weekend - it's so good to know there is so much support and extra pairs of eyes out there!
Caroline, Watlington
Owner of Harry the dog
It is brilliant to have a place inform more people than the neighbors that our cat is missing. I felt much better after contacting PetsReunited!! Thank you!!
Carmen, Oxford
Made me feel like people were watching out for our pet. Shows people care.
Adam, Banbury
Owner of Pogo the cat
It was lovely to see her reunited with her family!!!
Archie, Woodstock
Even though he just turned up back home,was glad we registered the loss with PetsReunited as we felt happier the message was out there and more people were keeping an eye out and had a way to contact us if seen.
Liz, Bicester
Owner of Messi the cat
You were incredibly helpful as we never would have found him without this site which is very easy to use. Brilliant! Thank you!
Amy, Oxford
Owner of Tonic the cat
Its a great to be able to put an alert out and we took the posted and laminated it and put it up in all the places we could think of. Keep up the good work, we need people like you.
Julie, Oxford
Owner of Billy the cat
I would like to thank you, that you have put my dogs details on to your web side so fast and I felt a bit better knowing if anyone will find him, they can contact me. Thank you
Jitka, Oxford
Owner of Leo the dog
Yours is a very useful service - even in our case it made us feel as if we were doing something useful to trace our cat!
David, Kidlington
Owner of Neko the cat
I would like to thank the organisers of PetsReunited for setting up this website as there is a vital need to get information out as quick as possible to find a loved animal that might be injured or lost. The facility for printing off a poster of the lost animal is inspired as it could take someone quite a long time to get one organised. Rufus came home but it could have been a different story and i would have wanted to know if he had been killed to bring him home, as in some cases reported on the site. I have donated £5.00 to you, sorry it couldn't be more but I am retired. Again thank you for spending the time on this wonderful site. Ingrid
Ingrid, Abingdon
Owner of Rufus the cat
When Sam was missing it was helpful to know that his profile was here and that local vets etc had been informed that he was missing. It gave us confidence that if anyone found Sam they would know where he was missing from.
Sarah, Oxford
Owner of Sam the cat
Absolutely helpful! You created post with picture and all details, thank you very much. As a main point, you created a peace of mind for us. That we did all what we could do in this situation. Thank you :)
Dorota, Bicester
PetsReunited are always helpful. And knowing that someone is there is very comforting. I used the PDF for posters which I felt was very professional. Thank you.
Jill, Bicester
Owner of Poppy the cat
Very helpful, which is why I am using the service again! Not keeping this stray though - two cats is enough already!!
Helen, Bicester
Finder of the cat
Once Sam's report was 'live' we received several calls and texts from members of sightings and with encouraging support. The fact that we could post a report made us feel we were being proactive.
Mary, Oxford
Owner of Sam the dog
This is a brilliant website, the dedication shown to try and reunite lost animals with there owners is brilliant and is proven worthwhile when they are found safe and well and returned home. Keep up the good work!
Sophie, Witney
Finder of Cookie the dog
Brilliant wouldn't have found owner otherwise.
Annette, Witney
Finder of the rabbit
I love this site, it's such a comfort when things like this happen knowing you have a fantastic support/alert service.
Kayley, Banbury
A very helpful service, especially the network of contacts. Thanks!
Matthew, Oxford
Owner of Purdy the cat
I think it's absolutely essential to have this service. Feeling helpless and utter despair from a lost animal is heartbreaking and any support is valuable - thank you.
Sara, Didcot
I think your service is very good and especially the help with the poster. That was very much appreciated. Your response was fast too.
Natalie, Oxford
Owner of Toots the cat
I was really impressed with the help you gave me and felt that people were all looking for him, thank you.
Kim, Bicester
I am really grateful. Without your email alerts to members I doubt my cat would have been returned. The finder who rescued my cat quoted your reference number for my case so it was obvious she had seen the info provided by you. Thank you so much and thank you to the finder.
Fritha, Banbury
Owner of Owen the cat
PetsReunited is a fantastic idea, I have passed on your registration details to everyone I know, the more people registered the more chance of finding lost pets. Wish it had been around years ago, I spent so many hours searching the streets for lost pets, my own and other peoples. Great place, long may it continue.
Christine, Carterton
Finder of the rabbit
This is a great service and so welcome when you are so worried about your lost dog - thank you.
Clare, Witney
Owner of Lily the dog
This website is fantastic.
Stella, Oxford
Finder of Unknown the cat
It''s very reassuring to place a ''lost'' advertisement on this site - once posted, it increases the feeling of hope, which I believe is very important in such circumstances.
Fiona, Bicester
We put up posters and distributed leaflets door to door in the area, and the owners rang to claim the cat. Thanks for this online service. It's very well organized and administered!
J S, Oxford
Finder of the cat