Helping missing pets in Oxford find the way back home.

We offer an online reporting service to help lost, stolen or found dogs, cats,rabbit, birds, horses and all other kinds pets and animals in the Oxford area find the way back home.

When you report a lost or found pet to us, we notify our PetWatch scheme members. Local vets, wardens, shelters and rescue organisations are all a part of the scheme, plus a network of volunteers who all live or work in the Oxford area.

We also provide you with posters and flyers for your lost pet, for you to print out and put up in your neighbourhood.

Report a lost or found pet

Is your pet missing in the Oxford area?

Maximise the chances of getting your pet home.
From creating posters and flyers to contacting nearby vets and our local volunteers,
it all starts when you report your pet missing.

Report a missing pet

Have you found a stray in the Oxford area?

If you've found a stray, there's a good chance someone nearby is looking for it.
Reporting it to us might mean we can put you in touch with the owner.
It's free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Report a found stray

A message from founder, Nick Carpenter

As a pet owner, I understand the trauma and anxiety that people go through when their beloved pet goes missing, and I wanted to do something to help people. So in 2009 I created - a place where the residents of Oxfordshire could report lost and found animals.

Over the past few years, the website has helped thousands of people in the search for their missing pets and been instrumental in a great deal of those animals finding their way back home.

A lot has changed over the years in terms of web technology and it's time to retire the Animal Finders website - the internet world has changed a great deal over past few years and the wesbite just isn't doing its job properly any more. For quite a while now I've been working to build this website - as a replacement. There's still a great deal to do, so check in again soon to see how things are progressing!